Shanghai W&W Partners

Shanghai Hanhong Law Firm (W&W Partners) was established in 2007, taking the "Han" of Du Fu's poems, "Hanlin Ming You Su, Moke Xing Wu Wei", and chooses "Hong" from Sima Qian's quotes, "Honghu Gaofei, Yiju Qianli". Hence the name "Han Hong", meaning the talent of Hanlin with lofty ambition.

At the beginning of its establishment, W&W Partners has taken intellectual property legal services such as patents and trademarks as its core business, providing special legal services with intellectual property characteristics for many well-known domestic and foreign customers. Nowadays, W&W Partners has been adhering to the concept of “service specialization and product visualization” and is transforming into a comprehensive legal service organization based on commercial services.

All members of W&W Partners are from well-known domestic and foreign law schools and have a master's degree in law or above. The team of partners has served as a public lawyer for a long time and has a wealth of experience. At present, W&W Partners has a modern office, an efficient customer service system, as well as a diligent, professional, united, collaborative, and advocating lawyer service team, which enjoys a high reputation in the field.


2019. 4

April 2019, W&W Partners was hired by the Huangpu District People's Government of Shanghai as a member of the Huangpu District to create the best business environment expert think tank.

2019. 4

April 2019, W&W Partners was honored as “Shanghai Civilized Unit” in 2017-2018.


June 2017, the Party Branch of W&W Partners was awarded the title of “Good Branch” by the Committee of the Judicial Bureau of Shanghai Huangpu District.

Cooperation partner

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  2. 金外滩集团
  3. 上海经纬
  4. 老凤祥
  5. 中国黄金
  6. 万岛
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  9. 陆家嘴金融城
  10. 科创投
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  12. 交大医学院
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  29. 新华园
  30. 东方世贸
  31. 桂冠国际
  32. 麦腾
  33. H
  34. 星工厂

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  5. Address: Floor 10 , Xing Teng Building , 1 South Henan Road 200001 Shanghai , China
    Traffic guide:Line 10, Yu Garden station, exit 1
    Bus No. 71 Henan Middle Road Station